A great day at the allergy and free from show

Sometimes you have a day which makes you feel so energised and positive that all the banal worries of everyday life fade into insignificance. Today was one of those days as today I went to the allergy and free from show at Olympia. From the minute I walked in, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount and variety of companies and individuals competing in this burgeoning market   There were products that were gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan, low in sugar, high in fibre….. The gluten free bread that was being displayed there was delicious and light and its manufacturers were all vying to demonstrate that theirs is the healthiest, the lowest in salt and sugar, dairy free and, often, vegan. The pasta producers are using increasingly healthy ingredients and the samples that they handed out weren’t sludgy or tasteless but delicious and tasted just like gluten-filled pasta – in fact, sometimes even better! There were companies providing ready mixes of products to bake and entrepreneurial individuals who, having been diagnosed with an intolerance or allergy, worked in their kitchen to develop the perfect biscuit/chocolate bar/quiche/pizza base/sausage/pasta/flour/bread/sauce. Most of the stands that I visited didn’t just cater to one intolerance or allergy but many.

It was truly an inspiring day, meeting people who really want to make the world an easier and healthier place to live in with allergies. It also showed me that we are a resourceful, inventive group of people who confront life’s challenges and turn them to our advantage. If you have time this weekend, get yourself down to Olympia – it is definitely worth the visit.


Some of the delicious goodies on offer at the show

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